My Top 7 Favorite Delightful Treats

The thing I love most about food is the pleasure aspect of it. Food can be such a delight. That’s why I love feeding my family and friends so much. While food at our house is usually a big production, sometimes it’s about the little pleasures. The daily, delightful treats. That’s what this post is about.

Here’s a list of my absolute favorite delightful treats

1. Effie’s Homemade Oatcakes

Shortbread is definitely one of my guilty pleasures, and Effie’s Homemade Oatcakes are like buttery, tasty, whole grain shortbread biscuits. When whole grain is involved, all traces of guilt completely dissolve. I like to keep a bag of these on hand and set out a plate when friends come over for a weekday play date with the kiddos. They go great with coffee and tea (or a glass of jammy red wine, depending on your needs).
Food is typically a big production for me, but sometimes it's about the little pleasures. These are my favorite daily, delightful treats.

2. Bangkok Tea from Harney & Sons

Speaking of tea, this is one I can’t ever live without again. Bangkok tea is green tea with coconut, lemongrass, vanilla and ginger. It tastes like heaven in a cup to me. Tea has become a daily delightful way to treat myself. I love brewing a pot of this every day when the baby goes down for her nap. I just take a moment to enjoy the silence (in a sitting or curled position) with a steaming mug in my hand. I’ll try it iced in the summer, but right now it’s too cold outside for that! Apparently it’s supposed to be spring next week. Someone remind the sun to get its game face on!

3. Home-Popped Ladyfinger or Hulless Popcorn

It’s gotta be something about the Weatherwax gene. We love our popcorn. Me, my dad, my brother and my son Cooper could seriously use shovels for our popcorn. When I figured out that Cooper had the popcorn gene, I started buying the hulless popcorn kernels to make myself at home since they pose less of a choking hazard. I use a Whirley-Pop on the stovetop with a little bit of peanut oil, butter, and a dab of red palm oil for the rich color and texture. Then I finish it off with a sprinkle of popcorn salt and any number of flavored additions—white cheddar is a fave. The summer that I was pregnant with Veda, Cooper and I would watch a movie and have popcorn just about every day after our visit to the pool. I think I’ll always remember snuggling with him on the couch and chowing down on tasty popcorn that summer. That’s how we spent our last days together with him as an only child! We’ll always be able to bond over a bowl of fresh, hot popcorn.

4. Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

I’ve always loved eating olives by the handful. Black or green, olives have been one of my favorite relish tray grabs ever since I can remember. Dirty martinis quickly became one of my favorite cocktails once I discovered them. And I remember the way my mom described it when she told me about the first blue cheese stuffed olive dirty martini she ever had. The emotion was written all over her face: a mix of excitement, amazement and ultimate satisfaction. She made it impossible for me to wait another moment to experience the delightful treat of a dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives. And to this day, neither of us would think about having anything less than blue cheese in those olive garnishments. I’ll even go out of my way to pluck the darn pimientos out with a toothpick to fill that hole with blue cheese if the store is out of plain pitted olives. That’s how serious this obsession has become.

5. Charcuterie

Rob and I have often made a meal out of a charcuterie board. We’ll pick one or two meats (almost always including one hard salami of some sort), add a few cheeses, crusty bread and a few garnishments like olives, pickles, mustard, hummus etc. And we always have red wine with our charcuterie—in the fancy good wine glasses from the china cabinet, too. I still haven’t figured out how something so painfully simple turns a boring night at home into something that feels so delightfully special. But I’ll go with it.

6. Fresh Figs

Late summer rolls around and brings with it fresh figs. For the first two and a half decades of my life, these little morsels were only a “figment” of my imagination conjured up by holiday songs about figgy pudding. (Which, turns out my imagination was all wrong when it comes to what real figgy pudding looks like. That’s now on my bucket list of foods to make, actually.) Back to fresh figs. A coworker of mine in Tennessee brought a handful of fresh figs to work one day, and of course I was curious. They look like little drop-shaped packages on the outside, and very interesting when you cut them open. In the middle of the white, milky flesh is a mess of gooey tawny or port-colored seeds. You can tell if a fig is truly ripe by squeezing it. I’m always looking for the super squishy ones, especially if they are seeping with clear, sticky liquid. Those are the sweet ones. OMGoodness. They are so delish. When I did my first Whole30 last September, figs were my daily dessert. I didn’t even miss the sweets. I’d totally grow a fig tree if I still lived in the right zone for them.

7. Chocolate Covered Goji Berries

No trip to Whole Foods Market is complete for me without a lap through the bulk department. Dried fruit is a staple in our household, and they have a ton of it. I spotted the bags of chocolate covered goji berries cleverly displayed on the shelf above the bulk bins during a routine shopping trip. Had to have them. Being familiar with the nutrition packed into these little rainforest nuggets, I grabbed a bag to try. Definitely one of the best ways to eat goji berries. They’re great in baked breakfast goods or oatmeal, but anything’s better covered in chocolate! If I need a chocolate fix, these take care of it and add a little extra vitamin boost as a bonus.

So there you have it. These are my little pleasures. What are some of your favorite delightful treats?

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