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Life is a canvas. At Dish-y, we’re loading our brushes with delicious food, enjoyable experiences, and genuine beauty. If you are looking to paint a similar picture, you’ve come to the right place.

We, Renee and Michelle, have been friends more years than not, which makes us family in our book. Dish-y is how we will share our colors to help others make the most of their canvas. Here’s what you’ll find at Dish-y:

Recipes ❘ We review the best recipes available on the web, we share our own, and we try new twists on vintage classics. Here you’ll find the most delicious part of Dish-y.

Dish-y Tips ❘ The pieces of advice that you’ll keep until the end. Maybe it’s a technique in the kitchen, or the way to apply your eyeshadow perfectly every time. Dish-y Tips are useful, everyday tips.

Lifestyle ❘ The style of your life shapes your experiences. Here you’ll find ways to add flair, become more efficient, and build habits for a Dish-y lifestyle.

Entertaining ❘ When you’re so Dish-y, it’s only fair to share. Here you’ll learn how entertaining can become a part of daily life.

Family ❘ Our Dish-y dreams are made of husbands, babies, and loving families. This is where it all comes together.

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About Michelle  I am an enthusiast. Of a lot of things. Most definitely about cooking, gardening, and anything relating to food. I also make beauty and bath products of my own, and do my best to look somewhat fashionable. I am married to a wonderful man named Rob and am mom to a precious boy named Cooper. I love my family and friends, and shower them with feasts of love quite often.

About Renee  I’m a fan of cooking and entertaining my family and friends. I love a good glass of wine and fancy myself to be quite funny. Funnier with wine, in fact. I’m always striving to put good out into the world and to better myself as a person. My husband is named Austin and together we raise our two fur babies, Sugar and Spice.