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Quick Parmesan Garlic Toasted Flatbread is a flavorful accompaniment for meals or a great addition to a spread of small plates—and is done in 5 minutes! 0

Quick Parmesan Garlic Toasted Flatbread

Quick is a kitchen virtue, especially when you have life conditions such as children or a full time job. Recipes like Quick Parmesan Garlic Toasted Flatbread are indeed virtuous. We love to have toasted garlic bread with meals like spaghetti or lasagna. Until I started using MealBoard and added the garlic bread as an ingredient in my recipe file, I would constantly forget to pick up the garlic bread. Seriously, like every time. I had to develop a last-minute method to remedy my mistake, so I would put together a garlicky butter spread that I’d put on slices of sandwich bread...


Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies I’m all about getting my savory along with my sweet. One of my new obsessions is anything “salted caramel”. I’ve always loved caramel. As a kid there was nothing I loved more for a sweet treat. Soft and chewy and dare I say better than chocolate. Until very recently I had never had a salted caramel. During the holidays, our neighbor dropped off a box of different goodies she made for us. Inside were the most delicious salted caramels I’d ever eaten. So, I got to thinking about different sweets that I could make keeping...


Caramelized Banana and Caramel Bread

You may be thinking ‘Caramelized Banana and Caramel Bread’?? Or maybe you thought it was a misprint or something of an oxymoron. No, no. I assure you it is not a typo or an oxymoron. Maybe it’s a little crazy but hey, life is crazy sometimes. I found this recipe on Pinterest during one of my pinning binges. Don’t you just love Pinterest? It really aids in my OCD tendencies. I always have leftover brown bananas thanks to my husband so I make a lot of banana bread and was getting bored with it. I wanted to find a way...

Jalapeno Cheddar and Garlic 0

Jalapeño Cheddar Bread

My husband has been on an artisan bread kick lately, and was making a habit of picking up a loaf of jalapeño cheddar bread in the bakery section at the grocery store. One of my favorite games is to take a good thing from the store and make my own copycat recipe. I like to call it CIY: Cook it Yourself. And this was a perfect candidate. I love a good yeast bread, and this one is loaded with so much flavor that it makes for a perfect side item all on its own. I like to serve it with...