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It’s your great grandma’s recipe, only better because adapted to the way we cook today.

Poblano Joes is a fresh, clean-eating twist on the all-time classic favorite, Sloppy Joes! Use chiles from the garden for a special treat. 0

Poblano Joes ★ Clean-Eating Version of the Sloppy

I’ve been making a Biggest Loser recipe called Sexy Joes for a few years now. It’s delicious and lower on calories—mainly because it uses ground chicken in place of ground beef. It calls for chile sauce, though. And I can’t seem to find a decently-priced bottle of chile sauce that embodies my clean-eating ideals (i.e. isn’t loaded with high fructose corn syrup). I used ground beef in my Poblano Joes recipe to make it closer to the classic sloppy joes sandwich that everyone loves. However, you could easily switch the beef out for ground chicken. Then let’s call it Sexy...

This potato soup recipe from is a classic—from before the time that potato soup got "loaded." We like to enjoy kielbasa, apples, and sharp cheddar cheese on the side. 0

Potato Soup with Kielbasa, Apples & Cheese

Potato soup is one of those heartwarming, classic dishes that takes me back in time to when I was growing up. I remember fondly all the family dinners when we sat down to have homemade potato soup. But this potato soup recipe is also prized in my heart because of its simplicity. Before potato soup got “loaded” on every restaurant menu in town, the potatoes were the star of the show. Celery and onions did a pretty fine job in their supporting roles, too. Talk about rustic and wholesome. This is one of the first recipes that my dad taught me...

oil and vinegar salad recipe 0

Grandma’s Oil And Vinegar Salad Recipe

Food is one of those things that has the awesome power to send you back in time. It can evoke vivid memories just from a simple taste or smell. My grandma’s oil and vinegar salad does that for me. Whenever we eat this salad, I’m always instantly transported back to the Sunday family dinners we had when I was a child. Grandma did nearly all of the cooking, and she was good at it. I think that’s where I get some of my passion for cooking. I wish she were still here to cook for me, because I know I’d...

Dry Ranch Dressing Seasoning Mix Recipe 0

Dry Ranch Dressing Seasoning Mix

Make your own dry ranch dressing seasoning mix. Ranch dressing is delicious. I have always loved it. But ranch dressing is a common offender on the high-calorie suspect list, and it is often one of the first “favorites” to get dropped in calorie cutting sprees. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to take back your favorite by making your own dry ranch dressing seasoning mix. I make my own dressings because I love the fresh taste of them. For me, it’s essential to have an authentic ranch dressing for salads, chicken wings, veggie platters, and the like. The...

Gluten Free Fired Up Green Tomatoes 0

Gluten Free Fired Up Green Tomatoes

Those of us who keep gardens likely share an abundance of green tomatoes at the moment. It’s the time of year when the fruits that have not yet matured on the vine have a vastly decreased likelihood of changing. The traditional Southern way of taking care of green tomatoes (among other things) is to batter and fry them! It’s delicious. There’s a movie about it: Fried Green Tomatoes. Lately, I’ve been working to eliminate gluten and refined sugars from my diet to help combat a few nagging issues. I also have a few friends following a gluten free eating plan...

Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw Recipe 0

Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw Recipe

Spring is right around the corner, and this week I was really jonesing to break the grill out and throw on some brats. Who cares if I have to wear a sweatshirt to be outside to man the grill, I’m game. In thinking about what would go well on the side with a meaty bratwurst, I decided to throw together an Oil and Vinegar Coleslaw recipe. So what if I’m rushing summer? Or spring. Whatever. I’m over this winter weather! This recipe is really reminiscent of a yummy oil and vinegar coleslaw recipe you might encounter at a little bar...