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You'll love the bright notes of orange zest in this Citrus Seasoning for Seafood & Vegetables on salmon, roasted summer vegetables, shrimp, salads and more! 0

Citrus Seasoning for Seafood & Vegetables

Don’t you love finding the hidden gems in life? Recently, I felt like I had stumbled onto one of the best ideas since sliced bread. I found myself throwing out a lot of citrus peels, knowing that the best flavor can be found in the zest. I hated to waste so much opportunity. After a little research (and dehydration), this Citrus Seasoning for Seafood & Vegetables stood among the ranks of the best DIY seasoning blends in my pantry. In the spirit of reclaiming my wasted citrus peels, I turned to the blogosphere for good tips on drying and milling....

This recipe is similar to the Ninja Cooking System recipe for spaghetti & meatballs, but instead we've used whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce. 0

Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Meat Sauce in the Ninja Cooking System

I love using the Ninja Cooking System for pasta. It makes cleanup easy and I can get on to enjoying my family with their happy, full bellies. The second recipe in the Ninja Cooking System cookbook shows how to make spaghetti and meatballs in 30 minutes flat. But I quickly figured out a recipe adjustment so I could serve whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce. We do love meatballs, but we’re used to eating meat sauce with our spaghetti. And this is one of those dishes where the whole wheat pasta isn’t quite as noticeable because of the flavorful sauce....

The Medieval Times dinner shows may be a little silly, but they serve up a wickedly delicious Medieval dinner. Perfectly seasoned roasted meats and vegetables that you can eat with your hands! 0

Roasted Medieval Dinner ♛ {Whole30 Compliant}

I’m looking at the picture of my Whole30 compliant Roasted Medieval Dinner, and I just realized that I put a glass of wine in the setting. Oh well! That’s because I’ve been making this meal long before I knew what Whole30 even was. I guess I get bonus points for developing Whole30 recipes with my eyes closed, right? I’ve actually been making this meal since 2013. It was shortly after I returned from a business trip to Orlando that I became obsessed with replicating the meal I had at one of those silly Medieval Times dinner shows. I’d never been...

Quick Parmesan Garlic Toasted Flatbread is a flavorful accompaniment for meals or a great addition to a spread of small plates—and is done in 5 minutes! 0

Quick Parmesan Garlic Toasted Flatbread

Quick is a kitchen virtue, especially when you have life conditions such as children or a full time job. Recipes like Quick Parmesan Garlic Toasted Flatbread are indeed virtuous. We love to have toasted garlic bread with meals like spaghetti or lasagna. Until I started using MealBoard and added the garlic bread as an ingredient in my recipe file, I would constantly forget to pick up the garlic bread. Seriously, like every time. I had to develop a last-minute method to remedy my mistake, so I would put together a garlicky butter spread that I’d put on slices of sandwich bread...

This potato soup recipe from Dish-y.com is a classic—from before the time that potato soup got "loaded." We like to enjoy kielbasa, apples, and sharp cheddar cheese on the side. 0

Potato Soup with Kielbasa, Apples & Cheese

Potato soup is one of those heartwarming, classic dishes that takes me back in time to when I was growing up. I remember fondly all the family dinners when we sat down to have homemade potato soup. But this potato soup recipe is also prized in my heart because of its simplicity. Before potato soup got “loaded” on every restaurant menu in town, the potatoes were the star of the show. Celery and onions did a pretty fine job in their supporting roles, too. Talk about rustic and wholesome. This is one of the first recipes that my dad taught me...

Smoked Sausage, Potatoes and Cabbage with Mustard Sauce is an extremely easy dinner when made in the Ninja Cooking System. This quick meal is on the table in 30 minutes flat. 0

Smoked Sausage, Potatoes and Cabbage with Mustard Sauce

Smoked Sausage,  Potatoes and Cabbage is an extremely easy dinner I’ve been making for quite some time. I’ve made it in the slow cooker, in the oven, and even on the stove top. There’s a good reason I turned it into a meal made in the Ninja Cooking System. It’s because every bit of surface area in the Ninja Cooking System is a cooking surface. I like to give the potatoes and cabbage a quick sear on the cut sides to start the caramelization process. It yields a deeper flavor, especially if you use a good quality fat like bacon grease or...

Low Country Steamer 0

Low Country Steamer for the Ninja Cooking System

I may not be from the “low country,” but I did live in Nashville for 6 years. I have a great appreciation for Southern cooking. It’s delicious. The South made quite an impression on me in the little time I was there. Here’s a quick list of wonderful things that I picked up once I moved south of the Mason-Dixon line: My husband A tolerance for spicy food A tolerance (ok, a liking!) for country music Red cowgirl boots Lifelong friendships with several gorgeous Southern belles An understanding of football It was Tim McGraw. Real Good Man. That was the song that broke...

Simple 4-ingredient Cucumber Salad 0

Simple 4-ingredient Cucumber Salad

I used to love this cucumber salad because it was delicious. I still make it because it tastes good, but I also love it now because it reminds me of my dad. It reminds me of some of the best times. My mom and dad taught me how to garden when I was young. We always grew cucumbers and zucchini, and I remember plucking them out of the garden. We often made this cucumber salad just minutes after coming in from harvesting. One of the best things about family recipes is that, even if you’ve lost a part of your...

oil and vinegar salad recipe 0

Grandma’s Oil And Vinegar Salad Recipe

Food is one of those things that has the awesome power to send you back in time. It can evoke vivid memories just from a simple taste or smell. My grandma’s oil and vinegar salad does that for me. Whenever we eat this salad, I’m always instantly transported back to the Sunday family dinners we had when I was a child. Grandma did nearly all of the cooking, and she was good at it. I think that’s where I get some of my passion for cooking. I wish she were still here to cook for me, because I know I’d...

Easy dinner ideas pot roast in the slow cooker 0

Easy Dinner Ideas for the Dish-y Kitchen

I love cooking, and I don’t mind spending quality time in my kitchen. But I do like to keep a variety of easy dinner ideas up my sleeve for when I have other life responsibilities tugging at me.