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Cherry Glazed Smoky Steak Skewers

The Williams household eagerly anticipates the beginning of grill season every year. The majority of our entertaining involves cooking outdoors with our grill or smoker. We love it. We also love steak skewers. But anything on a skewer is really fine by us. Skewers have become a go-to summer meal for me. Not only do they look appetizing, but you can fit a whole meal on a little stick to throw on the grill for a few minutes. Easy peasy. Slap on some delicious seasoning, marinade or glaze, and you’ve got a restaurant-quality entree in no time flat. This sweet and smoky cherry glaze...

With a pantry full of spices, why buy a ready-made steak seasoning? Try this recipe if you're looking for a DIY version that kicks steak sauce to the curb. 0

Williams Steak Seasoning {DIY with Fresh Spices}

I admit it. I love A1 sauce… And for some reason, Rob always gives me a hard time about using steak sauce. I guess the steak seasoning in this house needs to get a little more creative than salt + pepper. Enter me and my pantry full of spices. I do not have a spice rack. I have a spice section. It includes 2 shelves, 16 magnetic jars affixed to the back of my pantry door on silver trays, and a wooden board full of decorative jars containing this and that. With that much kitchen real estate dedicated to my herbs and...